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Wolfgang Feth GmbH is committed to ensuring that personal information is adequately protected and never gets misused. In the following details on the nature of the personal information that Wolfgang Feth GmbH collects and/or archive are presented together with details on why we collects it and how we use it. It is also explained what control you have over your personal information that is collected and/or archived by Wolfgang Feth GmbH and what our procedures are in order to keep any personal information safely stored and protected. This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by Wolfgang Feth GmbH through different means including but not limited to websites or emails.

By sharing personal information with Wolfgang Feth GmbH for example in emails you also confirm that you have read and understood the terms of the Wolfgang Feth GmbH Privacy Policy in full. Wolfgang Feth GmbH takes responsibility for the collected and/or archived personal information and always aims to be transparent about how your personal information is handled so you can get maximum control over it.

For the following when we refer to "us", "we" or "our" this privacy policy we mean the Wolfgang Feth GmbH.

You are invited to send an email to us at in case of any questions or concerns about our privacy policy.

What personal information do we collect and/or archive?

Contact details

We are not interested in collecting personal information about you beyond that required to provide our products or services. As such we collect and/or archive personal information that you share with us when you communicate with us through our website, email, phone, in person, or otherwise. Through such interactions you may share with us your name, work address, work e-mail address, work telephone number or other information that you provide to us to facilitate communication.

We neither require nor request any personal details with the only exceptions being private email addresses and private mobile phone numbers and only if this information is regarded helpful by you in order to facilitate the communication between you and us and only if these information has been explicitly given to us by you for that purpose. We will never ask for any other personal information such as private addresses or payment information and such personal information will never be collected and/or archived by us.

If you share details of other people with us (for example, if you name a backup or replacement), then it is your responsibility to check with that persons that they are informed and consent that you are about to share their contact details with us and for us to collect and/or archive this information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Products and services

Since our products and services are not available to end-users we do not collect and/or archive any personal information with regards to our products and services (for example what type of services have been ordered and for how long these services have been provided). All information on our products and services are strictly to the "Business-to-Business" level and do not contain any personal information.


Our websites are designed to present information on us and on our products and services and as such do not allow personal information to be transferred to us. This means that we do not collect any personal information from visitors to our websites such as the internet protocol (IP) address of the device you use, your browser software, your operating system, the internet address from which you were referred to our websites, and how you use our websites. Our internet service provider may collect some anonymous, aggregate access statistics for technical purposes only including the date, and time and the duration of access. Nevertheless such statistics will not include any personal information.

"Cookies" are small text files that websites save onto your device via your web browser to preserve information during browsing and/or between individual browser sessions. We do not use any type of cookies on our websites and therefore no personal information will be stored on your device when accessing our websites. Please note that we do not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals since our websites have no build-in tracking functionality.

Email communication

When using our products or services, we will exchange information by email. Such email correspondence is required in order to enable us to deliver our products or services and without exception we will only collect and/or archive all emails that are exchanged between us in the context of our business relationship. We do not collect, aggregate, and/or archive any information on how you engage with emails from us such as but not limited to whether emails are being delivered to you or opened or replied to by you. We will never use your contact details for any other purposes such as email newsletters or mass emails.

Social media and third party data providers

We are not active in Social Media therefore we do not collect any personal information from social media sites or other channels. We have not and will not have business relations with third party data providers who collect personal information since this is not regarded useful for our business.

Third party service providers

When communicating with us you may also make your personal data available to third party service providers. For example when receiving an email from us or when sending us an email both your and our email addresses will become available to your and our email service provider. Also when communicating with us by telephone both your and our phone number will become available to both your and our telephone provider together with other data such as duration of conversation. How these service providers collect personal information is beyond our control. These service providers have their own privacy policies and you are advised to carefully review those privacy policies before using their respective services.

How do we use your personal information?

Our main and only reason for collecting and/or archiving and/or using your personal information is to exchange information on products and services that you or your company either plans to order or has ordered from us. By communicating with us you explicitly consent to the use of the personal information that has been provided by you. Therefore no separate consent to use your personal information will be collected by us. We will use the personal information you shared with us only in the following ways:

  • To respond to your inquiries and/or requests and to provide requested information
  • To communicate with you on products and services that you plan to order from us
  • To communicate with you on products ordered and services currently provides
  • To provide products and services to you

Why are we using personal information?

We are required to have a "legal basis" and/or "lawful ground" for handling personal information meaning that there has to be a legal justification for handling your personal information. We need to handle your personal information to be able to provide information on our products and services that you have asked for and to be able to provide our products and services to you when ordered. We are also required to maintain evidence on our business relationship and to present this evidence to authorized governmental bodies and agencies upon request. There are no other reasons for us to collect and/or archive your personal information and we will not use your personal information for any other purposes.

How can you change the way that we communicate with you?

Our preferred way to communicate with you is by email. You are invited to contact us at any time at in order to change the preferred way of communication. Please take into consideration that such a request might not be implemented immediately since it also may have an impact on other communication channels.

What personal information do we share with third parties?

We collect and/or archive personal information for the sole purpose of business communication. In this context it can be necessary to share your contact details with third party service providers and/or governmental bodies. We will never share your personal information without notifying you of such necessity in advance and without obtaining your consent. Under no circumstances will we share any personal information with third parties in any other circumstances and we will never sell personal information to third parties.

Links to third party websites?

On our websites we provide links to other websites that are not operated and maintained by us. As such we do not have control over these websites and do not take any responsibility for the content of those websites. Third party websites may differ in their approach to data privacy and might collect personal information other than that collected and/or archived by us. Such third party websites have their own privacy policies and you are advised to carefully review those privacy policies before you start using those websites.

How long do we archive your personal information?

We only keep your personal information for as long as we are required to. We will to archive and/or use personal information only as part of our business records as we are required to keep it by the applicable laws. Currently we destroy business records after an archiving period of 11 years. For example this means that the business records of the financial year 2006 have been archived until 31-Dec-2017 and have been destroyed in 2018. For your personal information this means that we will destroy the information in the 12th year after the end of the last business relationship with you and/or your company that you have been involved in. Please note that due to other legal requirements longer archiving periods may apply.

Sale or merger of Wolfgang Feth GmbH

If Wolfgang Feth GmbH is sold to or merged with another company, your personal information that we have collected and/or archived may be transferred to a successor of the company or to a subsidiary or affiliate of the successor who will agree to abide by the terms of this Privacy Policy. You will have the right to request that your personal information be deleted at any time.

Legal requirements

We will disclose your personal information in response to a lawful request by public authorities. We may also process your personal information if necessary in the defense of a legal claim. We also will not delete personal information if relevant to an investigation or a dispute and the personal information in question will continue to be archived by us until those issues are fully resolved.

How can you control your personal information?

To the extent possible we give you control over your personal information that has been collected and/or archived by us. As such you have the right to request information on what personal information we have collected and/or archived. In addition you are entitled to

  • object to our use of your personal information for certain purposes or at all
  • ask us to confirm to you why we collect and/or archive your personal information
  • ask us about the source of your personal information in case it was not provided by you
  • ask us about your personal information that we are using
  • ask us whether your personal information has been shared and who we have shared it with
  • ask us about the period for which your information will be stored and how this period is determined
  • ask us to limit or restrict our use of your personal information
  • ask us to correct, remove or delete personal information about you
  • ask us not to provide your personal information to third party service providers

Please write to us at in case you would like to exercise any of your rights on your personal information. Please note that not all rights do apply in all cases and that certain exceptions may apply. We also may have to confirm the requester’s identity before acting on certain requests.

You are also entitled to request that we delete your personal information at any time by sending an email to us at Please take into consideration that such a request to delete personal data might not be executed immediately due to other legal requirements. You also have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority and/or Data Protection Agency. You can find the details of your local Data Protection Agency here.

How do we protect your personal information?

Wolfgang Feth GmbH is committed to protecting your personal information. For this purpose we have implemented and maintain appropriate administrative, technical, and physical measures to ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of your personal information and to protect against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, use, or destruction of your personal information. Company data including any personal information are encrypted at any time and stored locally, thus effectively preventing unauthorized remote access. Physical access controls are applied and access to personal information is additionally controlled by means of IT security measures. Since all company data including personal information are locally stored encrypted your personal information is protected even in the event of a system breakdown or in the unlikely event of hardware theft. We use cloud-based services for disaster recovery purposes only. All data stored using cloud-based services is encrypted locally prior to the upload to the cloud service and therefore by definition no longer contains any usable and/or traceable personal information.

In the unlikely event that our protection of your personal information gets compromised we will let you know about this as soon possible.

We exchange company data only with our parent company located in Austria. For that we will make sure that the transfer of company data that may also include your personal information complies with the applicable data protection and privacy laws. Beyond that we will not transfer company data that may also include your personal information to any third country either inside or outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Privacy policy lifecycle management

From time to time, we may change and/or update this privacy policy. The date when this privacy policy was last updated will be included in the updated privacy policy. If our privacy policy is updated we will post the updated privacy policy on our websites. We recommend you to regularly review our websites for privacy policy updates.

This privacy policy has been translated from English into German to make sure that the policy is clear and accessible also to German-speaking users of our websites. In case of any conflicts or inconsistencies between the translated versions of this privacy policy, this English version shall prevail.

This privacy policy was last reviewed and updated in May 2018.

Previous changes to our privacy policy

May 2018     Wolfgang Feth GmbH privacy policy launched

Contact us

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, or would like to make a complaint about how we use your personal information please contact us by email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You also have the right to contact the relevant regulator or authority in your country that is responsible for handling complaints about the use of personal information. You can find the details on the National Data Protection Authorities here.